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Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is a part of digital marketing and a component of multi-channel promotions. It is an advertising activity designed for delivery to handheld devices i.e., cell phones. SMS delivery is the most popular channel for mobile marketing.

Why select mobile marketing for your business promotion?

Want to promote a new product? Want to offer discounts on your product or services? Send out an SMS for that.

SMS has an open rate of 98% and more than 90% of the people who open the message read it within the first three seconds.

  • With high mobile penetration, your business SMS reaches a wider audience.
  • Mobile marketing has little competition.
  • Mobile marketing engagement is far higher than email marketing.
  • You instantly communicate with your customers.
  • You get your customers to engage in your products and services.
  • It is easy to create marketing promotions on mobile devices.
  • SMS marketing has a better return on investment.

You can make use of this golden opportunity to put your marketing messages into the customer’s hands and thus reach a wider audience that will help you get remarkable leads.

Why Skyline Project offers you in mobile marketing?

At Skyline Project, we help you to take the best advantage of mobile marketing.

  • We design mobile marketing campaigns that are effective and will fetch the desired results.
  • We send bulk SMS to clients.
  • We analyze your mobile campaign and see which works better for branding.

We at Skyline Project, design a successful mobile marketing campaign that will help you to communicate and connect to the customers so that they keep coming to your door again and again.